Saturday, January 07, 2012

Blog Idea

I've not been the best updater lately, but I have plans to improve on that! A synopsis of events from the last post about Jason's graduation could go as follows: multiple family Christmas gatherings, two fine-dining dates with friends, too much diversion from the food program, and excellent quality time as a family unit and with friends!

Some of our highlights:

  • Blokus- a family board game that is challenging, addicting, and a great cognitive exercise!

  • Santa Brunch- A beautiful Sunday brunch at the clubhouse including pictures with Santa and a live magic show. Landry got to be one of the volunteers on the stage and was part of a great illusion involving a puppy-shaped balloon that was popped and magically reappeared intact!

  • Christmas Eve- We were proud to host our extended family Christmas with Jason's family. The kids received a special money jar from Pa-paw Frog's stash, something to keep forever that had touched his hands.

  • Christmas Day- Our family of 5 celebrated Christmas in our home! We all shared how thankful we are that we have moved to DeCordova and how much we love it here!

  • Lonesome Dove- A foodie post to come later, but this was a special night out with the Grahams at a fabulous restaurant! They also spent the night with us and much of the next day. The next time we see them will be in Hawaii!

  • New Year's Eve- Bar Louie followed by Bailey's Prime Plus with the O'Conners. Great drink and food, and of course a great time out with friends!

  • Days off work- I scattered my days off this year, so I felt like I had more time with everyone through the kids' holiday break. Jason, Braden, and I got to play golf one day while the little kids stayed with Gram. Jason has built some awesome fires in our fireplace. General lounging and down time is good for a Momma's body and mind!

Oh, the title of "blog idea" has to do with posting our dining reviews. I also want to get back in the memory bank posts so stay tuned.

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