Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Honored as Courageous

Jason received the following email yesterday from a fellow teacher at the elementary school (I changed the other man's named to initials in case he doesn't want his name posted on this):

I saw a movie last night & for some reason, all through the movie, God kept constantly & strongly bringing 2 young men to mind. (Jasin Karnes & D.F.) I figured I was thinking of D. because of his occupation & I prayed for you both & tried w/o success to put you both out of my mind & enjoy the movie.
I woke up this morning with you two gentlemen still on my heart & filling my thoughts. I feel like I'm supposed to let you know what a blessing it has been to my life for me to watch the young men you have grown to be over the years. I have often been blessed seeing the roles you both have played out mentoring your children & others. I am especially blessed seeing the parents you have become. I have just really enjoyed watching the two of you grow & mature over the years either at work, Jason Karnes or at church & on FB, D.F. Who ever thought FB could be a ministry tool!?! Watching your life as a parent on FB has blessed me more than once, D. :-D
Thank you both for the imprint you are leaving in this life.
If you haven't seen the movie "Courageous", you need to.

Love & Blessings,

Jason felt honored to receive this email, and we decided to do family movie night last night to go see Courageous. WOW!! What a movie! It has a host of lessons and topics that it covers with the focus being on committed fatherhood! I am so blessed to be married to a courageous man who takes his responsibility as a father seriously. God has molded Jason as a man to reject passivity and cultivate integrity. He left the movie saying, "I will!", and the best part is that me and the kids surrounded him by saying, "You already do!" Go see the movie and you'll understand what I mean.

p.s. Take a box of Kleenex!

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