Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're Not the Only Ones

Sometimes when I feel like we are in a busy season, I'll look around and realize- we're not the only ones. We are in the thick of baseball for Braden, Jason helps with Godley's home football games, Landry has a school program coming up, etc. Despite the busy-ness, we have learned to capture family time and keep a little margin in our lives. We are blessed to have the pleasure of drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on a Saturday morning. We can jump out on the golf course and play a few holes on a Friday evening. The kids get to see grandparents at least once a week. And very important to me- we eat supper as a family around our table and have a solid bedtime prayer routine with the kids. That doesn't sound "too busy" after all, does it?

Some things we've done lately:
1. Sara, Grace, and Davis came for a visit on Columbus Day weekend. I made her favorite cookies, and we just talked and talked and talked!
2. Misti took our family pictures... Yay!
3. Braden's team won a tournament in Waxahachie.
4. Braden and Landry got all A's on their report cards!
5. Braden made his first par on the par-3 course.
6. I took a cooking class (Greek food) at Central Market with my friend, DeAnn.
7. Landry had a friend sleep over and we went to see Dolphin Tale.

Coming Up:
1. Jason takes his principal certification test Wednesday, Oct. 19.
2. Braden has baseball tournaments in 3 out of the next 4 weekends.
3. Landry has a school program Tuesday... Fifty Nifty United States will be performed for what must be the millionth time in elementary school history!
4. Tripp is gonna cut the cord. It could happen!
5. I have an appointment with an allergy specialist who I trust will solve my ever-present skin reactions since the initial poison ivy encounter on Labor Day. Yes, Labor Day, as in 6 weeks ago!

So, there's an official Karnes family update... stay tuned.

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Misti said...

Cut the cord? is that on the agenda? I don't think so :)