Sunday, September 11, 2011

Livin' It Up

We have been enjoying the cooler temperatures and taking advantage of our neighborhood amenities. The kids have been swimming many times up at the clubhouse pool, and now they can even enjoy the playground by the pool without burning themselves on the equipment! We have also had many golf outings: the par 3, driving range, and even the big course! Braden loves playing golf! It's hard to say who has "the fever" worse: him or Jason! And actually, I have loved playing too! After so many years of competitive golf, I seriously thought I could have cared less to ever play again. Of course, that was 13 years ago, and you might say the break was good for my attitude! I have quite the fever myself. Golf is such a funny game; you can hack it around all day, but one good shot will bring you back for more!

Jason has resumed his Tarleton classes. I know, boo! However, this semester should be a lighter intensity than the previous ones. Not to mention that it is his LAST semester! Woo hoo, party! He is announcing the Thursday night football games at Godley, and he is the game representative for the varsity games on Friday nights.

Landry is off of any official activity, but we are hunting for a piano teacher if anyone has a recommendation. She is the best big sister in the world. She is so attentive, patient, and loving with Tripp. Speaking of Tripp, he is adjusting better to his school. Even though he still he says he doesn't want to go, at least he is not crying at drop-off anymore!

A quick Tripp story. We were getting ready to tee off at the par-3 course this weekend. The fence line backs up to another neighborhood where a lady was hollering across her yard. Tripp thought she was hollering at him, so he yells a friendly "Hi!" to her (not that she could hear him). She yelled something else across her yard (not directing the conversation at us), and he yells back, "You're the man!" We got a good belly laugh at that one, and you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine!

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