Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living Room

There were two "cons" to the Mission house when we were on our real estate search: a small living room and no office area. We had a decent-sized party last night and I was pleased with how the living room accommodated our crowd. There is a beautiful fireplace with the stone and brick from the exterior of the house. I am the sweet wife who totally doesn't mind 3 skull mounts displayed in the living room! I think they actually look great there! Plus the fact that one of them is Braden's first deer from our trip to West Texas last Thanksgiving.

Patti and Charles gifted us a beautiful arrangement that Patti put together! We liked it so much that we went back and got the pieces for her to make another one. Note to self: If you have a creative gift, beware to share it because it may bring you more work than you asked for!! They also gave us the beautiful print that coordinates with the furniture and arrangements. Need I say more that she has a gift for interior decorating.

Our TV was a Costco find. We got a $200 rebate on the sale price, and then Marcus (Kayci's husband) told us it was on another $100-off sale which they refunded when I took in the receipt. Another note to self: save all receipts when making significant purchases. We also got $83 off a Lowe's purchase when taking back the receipt to redeem a coupon found after the purchase had been made. Anyway, I'm really not into TV so much, but this Sharp has the most amazing picture I've ever seen! Jason is the super-review shopper, reading people's online review on products, and this particular Sharp model could have had 6 out of 5 stars for all the great reviews. We will definitely give it an A+ as well.

The furniture is very comfortable. I love the red oversized chair and ottoman. Jason really stepped out of his box on all of our furniture purchases. He has forever been a beige-and-neutral kind of guy, but you will see plenty of color spread throughout the house! The recliners must be sent straight from heaven... they are so comfortable! And, with the decreased space allowance for end tables, the wooden arms on the chairs make for a great drink/gadget holder. A final note of female importance is that the kitchen sink/counter area is wide open to the living room!

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