Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bed Buds

Tripp has become a night wanderer! He often climbs in bed with Landry during the middle of the night. Sometimes he comes to our bed. And lately, it seems that he rarely stays in his own bed!

Tripp and Landry have the sweetest relationship! It just warms my heart to watch them play with each other, to see her take care of him, and to watch him look to her as a second momma!

Most of the patients I work with are older, and they often have their adult children around to help them during their health problem. This makes me wonder what our adult childrens' relationships to each other will be like. I know that I'm jumping ahead like 40 years or so, but it's just something I think about every now and then! What a treasure it would be to have them remain close!

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Lissa Michelle said...

they are SO CUTE! i agree- i think that is what is so awesome about siblings- you're siblings for life. (larin says she loves the shrek pillow!)