Monday, July 12, 2010

Grand Finale

Summer baseball has come to a close, and it was a wonderful ending. The Pirates beat their big rival, the Burleson Bandits. We've played them many times this year, but we would always come up short. It seems they would intimidate our boys, and we would have one bad inning that cost the game. However, you could see from the start yesterday that they were on a mission to beat the Bandits! The final score was 21-12, and you'd think we had won the world series!

Braden had been on a hot streak for the last few weeks with his hitting, and he was playing solid defense at 1st base. He's such a fine boy, and we told about a million times last night how proud we are of him. (Not just because they won a baseball game, but for being such a good kid.)

This might mean the rest of the summer is free for the kids! We all love baseball, but we're glad to have a chance to do some other things too! Swimming is probably tops on the list. Both Braden and Landry want to do a sleepover with schoolmates from Godley. Jason still has to press on with his school. He has been the curve buster with mid-term exams; he actually made a 100 on his law exam!!

p.s. Our computer is completely fried. The cost to fix it would be as much as getting a new one, so we will be shopping for a laptop this week!

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