Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karaoke Fun

We attended a FUN party Friday to celebrate Jason's Uncle Tim's 50th birthday. Peggy set up a surprise party for him at La Fiesta, with a full Karaoke set-up. Landry and her cousin, Kayli were a big hit! They sang Taylor Swift's song "Love Story." I joined Jason and Kayci in a takeoff of "Constant Sorrow" from O Brother Where Art Thou. We dressed up in fake beards and straw hats, and we danced as goofy as we could! After the big crowd left, Braden even got up there with Jason and sang some songs! We had a great time, and more importantly, I think Tim had a blast!

I think the person who had the most fun at Tim's party was Bob. Bob was a stranger at the bar one minute, and a long-lost friend the next minute. He crashed the party by singing karaoke, dancing, and meeting most of the family! He was definitely influenced by whatever was in his glass, but I'm not so sure he wouldn't have acted similarly if he was only drinking water!

At any rate, Happy Birthday Tim!!

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