Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You may not know, but my undergraduate degree was a bachelor of science... in psychology!! There was a method to my madness in choosing that major- I had to have a high GPA to get in to PT school. The psyc degree plan allowed a huge amount of elective hours, and that's how I got all my pre-requisite classes in. Otherwise, I'd have bombed out in some of those biomedical science classes. By the way, this is the point in my life where I realized there was a big difference in being smart vs. working hard! Those super-smart people have to work hard too, but when it comes to things like organic chemistry-- well, let's just say the average person struggles!

I'm totally off point here, blame the lack of coffee. What I wanted to write about was this theory that a person with a psyc background shared with me a few years ago. She is now a school counselor, so her reference was a parent-child relationship.

"Rules without relationship leads to rebellion."

Simple, right? Think about it, it applies to every relationship under the sun: God, work, friends, marriage, parenting, etc. I think at least 80% of the psychology I learned in school was hog-wash, but this makes sense to me. I'm not talking Freud, or how your childhood affected you. Just today, the relationships you have or don't have. If someone rebels, look at what they are rebelling from. Are they balking at the rules? If so, is there anything you can do to help the relationship?

The author of Margin writes, "Broken relationships are a razor across the artery of the spirit." You may wonder where this is coming from. To be vague, it's yet another struggling marriage that we learned about yesterday. It breaks my heart, but to be brutally honest it makes me frustrated too. Enough said.

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Sara Graham said...

Been thinking all day long about this theory from your friend. It was definitely fleshed out in my life, in more ways than one.