Thursday, December 03, 2009

Charleston, The Finale

Thanksgiving day was GREAT! We woke up that morning to enjoy Sara's "Breakfast Before" casserole and coffee. The kids were excited to get moving: the plan for the morning was to go to the beach. Sara had all the Thanksgiving dishes planned for cook time, etc. so that we could leave for the beach! That was a work of art in itself because she only has one oven!

So, we went to Folly Beach. This was the first time for our kids to see the ocean, so it was a very big deal. They were excited because their cousins, Kayli and Oakley, had gone this summer and told them all about it.

The morning was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! We spent a couple of hours playing in the sand, throwing the football, and hunting seashells. Tripp had sand in his diaper within minutes, and the kids just kept shedding layers of clothes as the temperature rose! This is definitely our first time, and maybe the only time, to spend Thanksgiving morning at the beach!

We returned for the masterpiece Thanksgiving meal. Sara truly did an awesome job putting all the food together. The guys had gotten both a white and a red wine to go with our meal, and they were each very good. I don't even like sweet potatoes, but Sara's were great. I even got the recipe!

Of course, we had to watch the Cowboys in the afternoon. Then, the Aggies played the sips that evening. Gig 'em Ags. I know we didn't win the game, but our young team made a heck of a showing. Gave Mack Brown a scare, too, which is always fun to watch!

We left Friday morning, headed back to Tolar town. I guess it took about 18 hours. There were lots of potty stops, but I think we all did really well with the drive. Jason and I shared driving duties, so it wasn't too bad. We had a GREAT family vacation, and I wouldn't hesitate to do another road trip soon!

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Sara Graham said...

And we had a great time with the Karnes family! Maybe your next family road trip will be to Kansas? I promise it's a prettier spot than the last place we were in KS! :)

Gotta package ready to send you.