Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm afraid we're approaching that age where reality sinks in about certain tales having to do with characters like Santa, tooth fairies, and Easter bunnies! HOWEVER... we are not there yet, so I am enjoying the innocence!

Braden has a girl in his class who has gone through a really tough family time since Thanksgiving. I know we don't have (and don't need) all the details, but dad kicked mom and kiddo out of the house. Braden could not believe this could happen to someone. Then, when we talked about it at home, he got very upset that Santa would not be able to find this little girl if she wasn't at her house! He prayed every night for a week for the little girl and her mom to find a home so that Santa could find her in time for Christmas! He updated me last week that they got an apartment, so he is sure that Santa will find her!

Gotta love a tender-hearted boy!


Sara Graham said...

Too, too sweet. I do love that tender-hearted boy...

I forgot to put a CD with the pictures of your visit in your package, which you should get today or tomorrow. I will send it before we leave on our trip!

zaf_fam_tx said...

That is SO sweet!!!!