Monday, November 30, 2009

Road Trip, Part I

We had a great trip to Charleston, South Carolina, to see the Grahams! Sara and I have been friends since we were kids, and her Jasen and my Jason hit it off when they first met. To top it off, our kids are roughly the same ages and play very well together! We left Friday, November 20th and drove to Vicksburg, MS. My mom let us borrow one of those DVD players for the car, and that was a priceless deal! Who knew the kids would be quiet for hours on end? We rolled in to Charleston by about 8 p.m. on Saturday night. The entire drive was drizzly and cool, but we made good time. I did have an oopsy of dropping my cell phone in Jason's sweet tea somewhere in Alabama. It is totally dead, so good thing I have my work phone!!

Of course, the kids had to burn some energy when we got there and the adults stayed up too late visiting! I think we forgot we'd be there for a week and would have plenty of time to talk. We tagged along to church with the Grahams on Sunday morning. They go to a church very similar to StoneWater, and the kids had a great time in their service too! On to the Sunflower Cafe for brunch. This was the only time that I really did not enjoy what I ordered: crab cakes benedict. It was just too much for my taste buds to handle. Jason was gracious enough to trade his sausage and peppers benedict with me!!

Monday was our main trip to downtown Charleston. We did the carriage tour and learned a wealth of history about Charleston! The kids were great during all of our touring and walking. We baited them with a trip to the Cupcake, so they stayed motivated to walk strong... I bet we walked at least 5 miles that day!
We shopped the Market, with the big boys getting new hats. Landry got a scarf because we couldn't agree on a hat. Tripp tried on every hat he could reach! The kids got to play at Battery Park. We walked along the harbor and watched the dolphins play! What a day!

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Misti said...

How on earth do you drop a phone in someone's sweet tea?