Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Ball

Somehow, we got in another game amongst all this rainy weather. Leave it up to some crazy T-ballers to go play in the mud! Landry was playing her typical outfield positions until about the third inning when coach put her at pitcher. Let me be very honest: I was worried about her being there. We have seen plenty of kids get nailed by a hard-hit ball while playing pitcher. She does not have good reactions to catch a ball thrown softly, much less a line drive. Most of the balls came her way, and they were all grounders! The great thing was that she was really into it, paying attention, and listening to coach on where to go with the ball. She got a nice slow-rolling grounder and threw it right to the first baseman for an out.

Pause- there is a little bias going on here. When I say she "threw it right to the first baseman," you must understand the way my girly-girl throws. Her release is always a touch late, so her throws mostly dive into the ground and roll to the target. Ok, more bias, they roll TOWARD the target!!

Ok, back to the game. There was another out in there by the first baseman, so there are 2 outs with the bases loaded. It's 5-run rule per inning, and the other team has 4 runs. The runner on third is another girly-girl, who Landry pointed out has ALL pink cleats instead of black and pink like hers. Drum roll, please. Grounder to Landry, fielded clean, and she runs home to beat the runner by a nanosecond for out number 3! As you would guess from the title, my baby girl was awarded the game ball after it was all over! Go Astros!

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