Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Big One

Here is a picture of Jason's big mule deer! He was amazed by the size of the deer up there, but also in the difference in the way they hunt. He said they walked miles and climbed hills to find the deer. He shot this 10 point from 522 yards. No, I'm not a ditzy chick that got feet and yards mixed up, he really shot it from 522 YARDS! That makes a man grunt and puff up a bit!

Most of all, we are just glad to have the Daddy back around! We had a fun time with trick-or-treating last night. A group of us took a hay ride through Pecan Plantation, which was a great idea for all of us to have a good time. Braden was a hunter, Landry was Hannah Montana, and Tripp was an Aggie Yell Leader!

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Sara Graham said...

Congrats to Jason on the big one! Can't wait to see where it is hung in the house!! And I CAN'T WAIT for this weekend!