Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Beauties

1. Sleeping in- this is something I've learned to do just in the past month or so. I've always been the person who wakes up early, and once I'm up there's no going back to sleep. Granted, sleeping in for me is anything past 7:00 or so.

2. Football- yes, I love it! Live, TV, radio, whichever. High school, college, NFL, whichever! Unfortunately, our Aggies are not much to look at this year, but that doesn't mean we watch them any less.

3. Extracurricular activities- there are none this fall. T-ball, dance, gymnastics, soccer... they are all off the books this fall! Saturdays seem twice as long, and the busyness factor is greatly reduced!

I could keep going, but I suppose you get the point. We enjoy hanging out as a family. We have plenty to get accomplished during our days off, but we are fortunate enough to get a lot of time together. I'm not trying to paint a picture like our life is perfect. We don't live in Pleasantville or anything, but we do have it good! God has blessed us with more than we deserve, this is just me recognizing that and saying thanks!

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Jen Sprayberry said...

You are such an awesome family! That's sounds exactly how a weekend should be.