Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Tonsillectomy

Braden has had a pretty rough week, and he's still not acting like his usual self. He had his tonsils taken out Monday after a spring full of Strep throat infections. I'm sure it will be worth it once we get through this first week. Poor guy, the first night he cried because he said it wasn't fair that everyone else was eating chicken! My big eater was sure that he could tolerate the chicken tenders!! He's had a little bit of food, but he's mostly just drinking water and having milkshakes/popsicles. He thought some macaroni and cheese sounded good tonight, but he really only ate a few bites. Same thing with the strawberries n cream drink that Nana brought him. He just doesn't have much of an appetite!

Today was my last day of work at the Villa. I'll start at Harbor Lakes "for real" on Monday. I say for real because I've been filling in here and there the past two weeks. I'm worn out from trying to work at both places and still be present at home! It makes me wonder how those work-a-holics function. I just don't see the lure to working all the time!!

Landry and Tripp are great. She has started her gymnastics class, and she absolutely loves it! Tripp is laughing and smiling alot. He looks like he might roll over soon, as he will pull his legs up and kind of rotate his trunk when he's lying on his back. Jason is enjoying his summer, especially since I splurged and bought him a Playstation 3 for Father's Day!! He's wanted one ever since they came out, so I thought I'd get some bonus points built up!! Just kidding, why would I ever need bonus points!! This is all for now!

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