Monday, June 23, 2008

Karnes & Noble

Here is a picture of Tripp and his buddy Noble Carter. Noble is about 5 weeks younger than Tripp, and it took over 2 months for us to finally take a picture of the boys together!
I must confess that I checked my favorite blogs every day when I was on maternity leave. I always wished people would update more often so I could keep up with them! Good luck keeping up with us! I didn't realize it had been since the 12th that I updated!

It took a full week for Braden to feel good enough to talk, eat, and participate in daily life with the rest of us! He is glad now to be rid of the tonsils, but we'll all admit that it was tougher than we thought it would be!
We have been swimming several times this summer. We still have it in the "master plan" to have a pool of our own next summer. We have a few financial goals to meet before we will allow ourselves to dig, but I feel like we'll be ready next summer! Jason and Braden have a nightly ritual to play a game of PS3 baseball before bedtime... ask Jason sometime who's been winning!!

Landry is still loving gymnastics. She climbed to the top of the net thing (not good at gymnastics lingo) last week, and she said she wasn't even scared. I suppose it is at least 15 feet high. She has worn her garage sale skirt almost every day this summer, and she continues to be infatuated with flip flops.
Tripp is growing long and strong. He likes to push off with his feet when you are holding him, and he really doesn't like to be held "like a baby" anymore. He wants to be up where he can see what is going on! Our biggest issue is the BM blowouts. It seems a given that he will have one in the carseat if we travel anywhere in the morning hours. I've learned to be prepared with plastic sacks, change of clothes, and plenty of wipes. He's not rolling over yet, but he is bridging his bottom up so it won't be long.
That's a quick update, there will be more fun pics to come this summer!

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