Sunday, June 29, 2008


This was our way of saying "vacation" as we were reminded that this was how Braden said the word vacation as a toddler! Look at him now! He and Oakley were big buds on the trip to Kerrville. We had an awesome spot at the RV place, with our cabin looking right out to the playground and river. The kids swam so much that we claimed they might be growing gills! We were there with Jason's side of the family for a super-fun weekend.
Our family bunked with Jason's aunt and her family. It was a 2-bedroom cabin advertised to sleep five. Our family of five slept in the small bedroom, and after some minor re-arranging of furniture we slept 11 in the cabin!! Jason's parents also had their RV, and the kids bunked with them on the second night. Making memories, that's for sure!
So, here we are approaching the 1st of July. I can't believe that June just came and went! This also means that Tripp is about to be 4 months old! He is so precious. Talk about being a trooper, he just went along with the plan all weekend. He's just so easy going and happy that it made it really easy to travel with a little one. His only objection is in the form of getting his feelings hurt. We talked about the fact that he doesn't really get mad and fuss, but he will stick his bottom lip out and fuss with the best of them! It's a really sad little cry when he does that, and it brings momma runnin' every time. Somehow it stops when I get him in my arms, so he could possibly be a little bit spoiled!

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