Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warrior and Champion

The guys in the family had a big weekend! Jason completed the Warrior Dash (without his arthritic wife), and Braden's baseball team won a tournament in Mansfield! I have been officially retired from running due to a bum knee that can stand no more pavement pounding. This is a major bummer that I'm still not emotionally recovered from!

On a much happier note, not only is my warrior a super athlete for obstacle course challenges... He is also the new Assistant Principal at Godley primary schools! WHOOP! I'm so proud of him! He totally deserves this job, and I know he will do great things!

Landry is also excelling in softball. She went 13 for 13 at the plate until she got out last weekend. She has a competitive fire that makes me smile! I love to watch her seriousness and focus during a game!

Tripp's report... Well, he's still talking and making us all laugh! His dream is to be a race car driver and he can't fathom having to wait so long to drive a car all by himself!

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