Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pa-paw Frog

Pa-paw Frog made a quiet journey to heaven yesterday morning. He basically went in his sleep. He never wanted attention, never wanted anyone to make a fuss over him, and never wanted to feel like a burden. The events of the last week have been full of sad news, shock, and anxiety over what might follow a diagnosis of cancer. Thankfully, God took him before the suffering that we all dreaded had come full force.

Jason's Pa-paw was such a good man. He lived an unpriveleged childhood, and when he was old enough to work and make it on his own he did exactly that. He worked hard all of his life, as many men at his old company will testify. He was strong as an ox, yet gentle in his heart. He leaves a legacy as a man of faith, a family man, and a selfless gentleman who always put others first. Braden has the honor of being named after him (Ernest is Braden's middle name). Frog was how most people knew Pa-paw, and E.K. was his next alias. The grandkids mostly referred to him as Pap, and the great-grandkids called him Pa-paw Frog. Patti and Peggy always called him Daddy, and I know he was proud of his girls from day one!

We are sad to let him go, but there is an overwhelming peace that he was ready. He was so ready to be with Granny. He was tired on this earth, and he knew his place was ready in heaven. We thank God for such a strong man who led his family down the narrow road. May we follow his example and carry on his honorable legacy.

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Sara Graham said...

Can you imagine the reunion he and Jason's granny shared? Oh to have seen it. I love you all.