Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Wedding

Jason's sister, Kayci, got married at a beautiful site in Weatherford called Chandor Gardens. If you've never been, you should check it out. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous!

Kayci and Marcus planned a simple, small wedding that was beautiful. The setting really gave it a storybook feel. The weather was perfect for an outside wedding: mid-70's, no humidity, and plenty of shade. That was a minor miracle in itself considering the weather we've had so far in May!

And look at this couple! Jason's mom walked around with us and took several pictures around the beautiful landscape. I almost felt like it was my wedding... it's been a long time since we've dressed up so fancy together!


Misti said...

And, I think y'all look just about like your wedding photos - thin peeps!

Sara Graham said...

Holy cow!! Those are two good-looking people! Love the dress!