Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Stretch

Jason has only a few days left of his spring semester Master's classes! He has done so well the whole way through, 4.0 to be exact! After a short break comes a summer semester, then the FINAL semester of classwork in the fall! He will receive his Master's degree in December, and I'm so proud of how hard he has worked to get here! Please pray for him to have perserverence and focus over these next months. I am blessed to be married to the most wonderful man on the planet, and I love to see him succeed and grow the way he has through this process. Our kids couldn't have a better Daddy, and I couldn't fathom having a better man to call my husband!

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Lissa Michelle said...

what a great feeling!!!! he is going to be a great AP. thank you so much for the book! i'm already 100 pages in!! i'll try to finish it by sunday and bring it to you!