Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Really Big Day

In the hours that made up our Friday, we had a very busy day! Up to this point, we really have not done much during our Spring Break week. I only worked two days, but I sure feel like I've been working the whole time!

Katie had spent the night Thursday, and she left us early Friday. The kids and I met up with my mom, sister, and the cousin kids in tow for an exciting caravan up to Euless. There is a huge pizza place up there that has arcades, bumper cars, laser tag, etc. It's definitely geared for kids older than 3 or 4, so Tripp and Kara mostly walked around watching everyone else play games! Honestly, I think they were fine with that!

Braden's favorite thing was the bumper cars. He and Allen were smiling the whole time!

Landry loved this jump rope game!

Landry looked a little hesitant before driving the go-cart, but she had a lead foot once they said "go"!

After the pizza stop was my beloved trip to Costco. The poor kids did not want to go, but I talked them into it. Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you about the starving kids in Ethiopa when you wasted your food. That was me yesterday, telling the kids they should be thankful we can go to a big place like Costco and get food! I know, pretty lame.

The evening consisted of a project that we are all excited about. We are building some boxes in order to have some raised beds for gardening! Landry's 1st grade teacher keeps a garden at their school, and they go outside several times a week and tend to the garden. Her teacher told me how much Landry loves the garden, and I have also wanted to try my hand at growing some fresh vegetables! We are eating so many vegetables these days, so if we can get anything to produce that will be a super bonus to our grocery bill!

Braden was a super-apprentice with the drill!

Tripp was not much of a helper, but he hung out with us all night!

Heidi helped about as much as Tripp, and she inherited his cars after he went inside!

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