Friday, February 04, 2011

This and That

We are tackling a little bit of everything during these bad weather days where Jason and the kids are out of school and I have been off of work. We have not left the house since Monday evening, and to my utter surprise, it is not bothering me one bit. I'm a "do-er." I love to be going and doing. But I have loved this time of being somewhat trapped at home!

Tuesday I spent most of the day organizing and cleaning the kids' closets. Landry and I decided to move her clothes and personal items into the playroom closet. She and Braden have been struggling in the mornings about being around each other when getting dressed! She is an awesome helper in this kind of project, too!

Wednesday was a ditto on the type of project, but this time I went through our master closet like the Tazmanian Devil! We are blessed with shelves upon shelves in all of our closets, and they are looking orderly now!

Jason has been doing school projects and book reviews(for Tarleton). One assignment he finished yesterday is due at the end of February, so he is getting a good jump on his spring semester.

The kids have kept themselves busy with movies, the Wii, real toys, and of course our assigned "quiet reading" times! Speaking of reading, I finished The Poisonwood Bible on Monday night, read A Promise To Remember Tuesday, and took Wednesday and Thursday to read Stones Into Schools. One handy feature of the Kindle is that it will read to you, so during the above mentioned projects I was listening to books! Anyone have any stellar recommendations on books? I have several in my "wish list" on Amazon, but I've committed to finishing Forgotten God first. It is one that I've had sitting beside my chair in the living room and typically just read a chapter at a time because it is a heavy read that requires me to stop and let stuff soak in!

Although we haven't let the kids go outside, we've told them they could go out and play in the snow today! Pictures to be posted soon...

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Lissa Michelle said...

i'm so glad you've had a restful and productive week. i love forgotten god. i'm taking my time reading it, mainly because i want to savor it, but also because i feel like it takes so much soaking in and deep thought every page i turn!