Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Margo and Edith

Tripp has been hooked on the movie Despicable Me for the past two weeks. Of course, Landry and Braden love to keep him company by watching it with him! In these bad weather days, Tripp and Landry have dressed up as big sister Margo and middle sister Edith! They have gone around the house getting cookie orders from us as we attempt to keep a straight face over Tripp's giddy-up! OK, that's not true, we have not even tried to keep a straight face!

Landry has such a wonderful imagination, and she also has a habit of using Tripp in her schemes. I think it is incredibly sweet and memorable! By the way, that's a baby blanket wrapped around him like a dress, and the headwear is a Hannah Montana hat-wig combo! Gotta love it!

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Lissa Michelle said...

that is SO CUTE! when we saw that movie in the theater, the girls reminded me so much of my own girls. love it!