Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Busy is Back

We had a great break from the usual: Tarleton Master's program, baseball/softball, school parties/programs, etc. I suppose we are back to the grind now though. Jason is back in his study cave during the bulk of his waking hours at home. Braden has started baseball practices. And to add to the schedule, we decided to sign Landry up for softball! Last year, she got the idea that she might want to play when she saw her cousin play in a game, so we knew it was coming soon that she would actually commit to a full season! For me and Tripp, I guess we are mostly just the supporting cast for everyone else!

I'm still reading when I can, trying to focus on more non-fiction works this year. I am also elated to announce that I have been able to resume my jogging habit. After the year I had last year with my back injury, I honestly thought my days of running were over. However, after much persistence and caution in exercise, I have finally reached a level of stability that allows me to insanely pound my joints into the pavement again! What sense does that really make? I know, but there is sufficient evidence out there that this repetitive jarring is actually GOOD for your joints! I'm taking that theory and running with it... nice pun, huh?

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Misti said...

I think it's destiny you're running again...the old running group is stirring. :) I'll include you in running dates :)