Monday, December 13, 2010

Uncommon Gratitude

I sit here in my living room completely thankful for my husband and son rocking out to Guitar Hero on the Wii! I'm one of those people who thinks video games are pretty much a waste of time. I might also be guilty of secretly resenting too much time spent tuned in to the magic box! (that's our reference to the tv) HOWEVER... Jason has spent the past 6 months or so locked in the closet with his studies (minimal-to-no magic box involved). He has dedicated himself 100% to this Master's program, and his 4.0 GPA definitely reflects his hard work. THEREFORE, I am happy as a lark to have him hanging out with us over the past few days! I can honestly say that I have gained a new appreciation for his presence! He does not have class again until January 18th!!

This has been a hard semester for me. Selfishly, I have had my own private pity parties at times. I have wondered why in the world I encouraged him to pursue this goal. And, I have probably been less than friendly with people, unintentionally of course, just because I'm in a super-focused mode to get things done! Again, HOWEVER, I have felt incredibly blessed during this journey. The kids are well-behaved, obedient, and super-good helpers. (I would be ashamed to list the various chores they perform around the house!) Despite my whining, I have actually grown a lot personally during all of this. And of course I must mention, all of his study time has given me plenty of time to read my Kindle!

May we have many wrestling matches, Wii parties, tickle sessions, pillow fights, movie nights, and scrabble challenges in these next few weeks!

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Lissa Michelle said...

enjoy your (and jason's) time off! you BOTH deserve it!