Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing Much

What's been going on around here? Nothing much! Since Jason and the kids are all done with school, we've all been taking a mental break! Somehow, I wiggled my way into that mental break even though I'm not taking off of work yet. I will be off 3 days next week, and I plan to join in the household projects that began yesterday. Jason decided to knock out several tasks like defrosting the freezer, re-arranging furniture, and organizing piles! Note that I did say mental break, not physical break!

We had our first Christmas celebration Saturday at my mom's house. Everyone except one nephew was present, and that is quite an accomplishment with as big as our family has become!

Landry had her follow-up appointment for her ear. Good news: her eardrum is completely healed. Bad news: her middle ear is filled with fluid so she flunked her hearing test! Did you just hear me scream? No, I didn't think so, I'm fine! Please pray for Landry's ear. She has had a 5 year battle with this left ear that obviously needs divine intervention! We go back in two weeks with hopes of the fluid being gone, hearing normal, and no more procedures.

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Lissa Michelle said...

great family pic. happy vacation. praying for landry's ear. merry christmas!