Friday, August 06, 2010

Granddaughter Day

For those of you who don't already know, my mother-in-law is also known as SuperNana! She spoils all of the grandkids rotten every chance she gets, and she loves every minute of it. A challenge to any of us with multiple children is to spend quality time with each of them... consistently. To cover the girls' QT needs, SuperNana took the girls for an afternoon of girly-girly stuff! (Girls plural would include Landry's cousin, Kayli, who will turn 8 next month.)

Nana got these Mexican dresses for them in San Antonio earlier in the summer.

She looks like she could be a flower girl or a model in this dress.

She is so excited for the tea!! Look at the happy all over her face! They are at Storiebook Cafe in Glen Rose.

Here is my diva!

They also went to get their nails painted.

And they ended the afternoon at Big Rocks in Glen Rose! What a day! Thank you, Nana... she will remember this day forever!!


Sara Graham said...

My kids think she's SuperNana, too! Love the picture of Landry waiting on tea!

Jen said...

Such a pretty girl! Love all the girlie fun!!!