Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baseball Opener

Braden played his first two games of the season Sunday afternoon in Burleson. They are playing at a new baseball park, which is very nice! They have bleachers with back support, and built-in shade for the dugouts and the fans! I always thought Burleson should have had a nicer park, and it was being built and manicured all that time!

About the ballplayer... He did awesome! Of course we had to get some new equipment due to growth. New pair of cleats, and he's almost out of youth size. New pants, he wanted to try the long-pant look. I've always been a fan of short pants with your socks showing, you know, old school. I must admit though, my boy looks good in long pants. He looks about two years older than everyone else, but hey, we can't help that! If he looked great, then he played wonderful! He looked like a confident young man out there! I love to see him look sure of himself. I don't mean conceited or arrogant, just confident! So, the season is off with a bang, Pirates are 2-0! Stay tuned...

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