Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes... Braden turned 8 years old yesterday!!! The shame of this mother is that I didn't even take his picture on his birthday. What is wrong with me anyway! Braden had a wonderful day, and he ended up not having any baseball games Saturday. His first two tournament games were Friday, and they won both. That left Saturday open for a good swim at Mimi's house! Again, no pictures... forgot the camera. Let me go backward- Braden got out of school early to go with his Nana to Ft. Worth. She spoiled him with gifts, but more importantly with one-on-one time. I love to see the kids light up on their birthday day with Nana!

Here is a picture of Tripp watching Braden's game. Let me assure you that this was a fleeting moment in time. He rarely sits still for more than 20 seconds during a game, but it looks like he's just kicked back enjoying a good ball game!!

And this is Landry's creation. After we got home from Stephenville, she retreated for her room for a long while. She came out wanting to show me her work. She had created their playroom with Tinker toys. Notice the ceiling fan, air hockey table, TV with screen made of paper drawing, and two little stick figure kids! She is full of imagination and creativity!

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Lissa Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Braden!