Wednesday, August 05, 2009

10 Tidbits About Bones

1. Tripp has many nicknames: Bones, Dan (short for Handsome Dan), and Han Solo are the most common right now.
2. He loves to wear a single shoe that he has taken from the kids' shoe shelf, usually one of Landry's high heel varieties! (Hence, the nickname Han Solo)
3. He loves to brush his teeth and wash his hands.
4. He plays in the same potted plant daily, gets caught daily, and gets disciplined daily. Short term memory loss or slow learner?
5. He has mastered the grab-and-run move. Maybe a remote from Daddy, a toy from the kids, whatever, he is FAST!
6. He refuses to leave the kitchen towel hanging on the oven door. I bet I put it back up there about 27 times a day, and that's not counting how many times Jason puts it back!
7. He loves to drink. Jason says we should make him a lanyard-type attachment for his straw cup to hang on at all times!
8. He is rarely still and quiet.
9. He gives the best hugs with a grunt from squeezing so hard!
10. He is thoroughly entertained by his own burps and toots!

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Sara Graham said...

11. He loves his Auntie Sara! :) I hope he remembers come Thanksgiving!