Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sara and Tripp make a great match, don't they? I vote yes! Tripp is VERY particular about who he lets hold him, so I am overjoyed that he loves my friend Sara! It truly makes a momma feel bad when her baby scowls, fusses, and writhes his body about letting another human hold him! We spent time with Sara and her kids on Monday, and Tripp immediately decided he liked her. Then, we went swimming together Friday night... and he remembered that she was ok!!

Sara loves it that he likes her!

The kids have been swimming for the past two days. They truly love the water and are great swimmers. Tripp has no healthy respect for the water. He even jumped off the diving rock at Jenny's pool, and he had no objections to going under water with such a jump! We've had a very enjoyable weekend... can I just say that I LOVE summertime!!

Here's a picture of my beautiful girl:

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