Friday, July 03, 2009

District Champs

Go Braden!

I confess that I have a really hard time cheering, "Go Pirates!". Granbury was our big rival in high school basketball, and I never even considered that my own child might ever wear a G on his hat! It is what it is though, so we're yelling for the Pirates now! A little secret: we don't predict that our kids will ever actually attend Granbury schools, so you Jacket and Tiger fans can just cool your jets! Enough of my selfish confessions...

Here is another great picture of some good looking men in our family:

Jason's Pa-paw continues to build a great legacy for his family. I had a great discussion with a friend this week about how we pass characteristics, beliefs, and faith on to our kids. She remarked that it seems like the negative things get passed on easier than the positive things. Pa-paw Frog is passing on a whole lot of positive! Ask anyone in this region who ever worked in the electrical business what kind of man Frog Dunning is, and you'll not hear one negative comment. That's the kind of man that Jason is talking about in his last post. A man that follows God and stands for his family. Jason was molded more than he knows by all the time and experiences he got with his Pa-paw in his early childhood.

Next point... Woo hoo- I get a birthday date this weekend. Jason is taking me to Ft. Worth for shopping and a night away! More to come later on that, but I am more than excited to hit the road!

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