Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miles and miles

We have put many miles on the little Altima over the last month. This week we are traveling to Aledo for T-ball games. The boys have come a long way since their first tournament at the beginning of the month. It's fun to see them learn so quickly about the game! Braden had a great defensive play tonight with an unassisted double play to end the game. He has been working hard on fielding the ball before he goes over to cover first, and it paid off tonight when he snagged a high line drive. The runner was on his way to second before he realized that Braden had caught the ball, so Braden got him out too!

The big kids are taking swimming lessons this week. There is a lady in Granbury that gives WONDERFUL swim lessons. The kids are learning all the strokes, kicks, dives, etc. Landry excels at floating on her back and the freestyle. Braden is a natural at the breaststroke. It was fun to see them do relays today with the kids coming for the session after ours. Talk about competitive: Landry Beth did not want the 5 year old boy to beat her in her leg of the relay! She gets a look of determination and will on her face like you wouldn't believe!

The summer is going great! I love the schedule as far as not having to get everyone up and ready before I head to work. I have been enjoying my Pilates class that has temporarily moved to the Lake Granbury City Beach! I almost feel like I'm on vacation when the sun is rising over the lake!

Jason is busy keeping the house in order. I truly appreciate getting a break from the "second shift" during the summer. I call it second shift because it often feels like another full-time job to keep up with housework after work during the week. He is keeping the laundry baskets empty, the dishes clean, and all the mouths fed! Of course, his summer gig has its perks too: sleeping in unitl 9:30, hanging out with the kids, and much needed relaxation in the A/C!

What about Tripp? Well, he is still sleeping until noon or so. Jason has to go wake him up most days so that he doesn't sleep all day! He has a marvelous little stomp and squeal that he shares when he doesn't get his way. He is quite opinionated on matters of food and drink, although he is still not talking much. He does find a way to make his needs known, but he's not very compliant with trying to speak the words that he fully understands!

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Sara Graham said...

I am pretty sure I have seen Landry's look of determination before...from her mother! And with her daddy's steely stare, she got a double dose of it!

Will call you soon!