Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Rush

I got a good chuckle from the t-ball website this week. We've been waiting for the schedule to come out for a couple of weeks. The coach was under the assumption that the first game would be this weekend, but there was no schedule to be found. I went to the website at the beginning of the week to see if the schedule had been added. No schedule, but there was a statement that said: "Please be patient for the schedules. We will have them completed before the first game." I immediately envisioned a Jay Leno moment where he makes fun of newspaper clips and stuff like that! I'm such a smarty pants, but I couldn't help myself to give an "Oh, Really" to that profound statement!

With all that said, the schedule IS complete now! The season DOES start this weekend, and Braden's game is at 2:30 Saturday. For any of you who want to brave the cold weather, come on out and watch the Red Sox!

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