Friday, February 13, 2009

Timeout? Really?

Tripp had a troublesome day at Wee School yesterday. Evidently he was on a terror: pulling hair, gouging at eyeballs, attempting to bite, and hitting. His teacher reported that he had been after this little girl all day, so she had to put him in timeout. He's not one yet!! He has a bundle full of mischief, more than Braden or Landry ever did. He seems to take pleasure in getting away with something he knows he wasn't supposed to do. Yes, already! I'm picking on him a little bit, but he's definitely needed a lot of correction for a baby! Something happens as a parent to the last one though... it doesn't seem like such a big deal! Maybe that's why last-borns get such a bad rap! He's really a good boy, don't believe all my tattlings! He's still got the sweetest dimples, and they do help his cause when he flashes that big grin at you! More to follow I'm sure!


Misti said...

I've got some good ideas...I'm ready to capture those sweet dimples :)

Sara Graham said...

Does Supernanny Sara need to come straighten out Tripp?? Just remember, what is cute at 1 will NOT be cute at 3, or 6, or 10. How I wish I was there to see Tripp's misbehaviors and turn my head to laugh!

Robyn said...

Hey Jen! It's glad I found ya'll on here! I love your blog as I've grown to love Braden and Landry too! I want to know more about the birth order thing...Tripp sounds exactly like my Tate!