Sunday, November 16, 2008

Take It To The Limit

Glenn Frey said their wives call it the credit card song. I think it was my favorite performance of the night, although it's hard to narrow it down to one. Desperado was quite powerful, Witchy Woman was all kinds of fun. You reading me now? Yes, we went to the Eagles concert last night at American Airlines Center! It was a better-than-great concert, and they played for 3 hours!! I think I'll have an eternal catch in my neck from turning my head to the left all night (toward the stage). It was an awesome date night that started with intentions to go eat at Simply Fondue. That was halted by the massive amount of construction in Arlington, and we didn't know our exit was closed down. So, we "settled" for Landry's Seafood in downton Dallas. We left the concert at close to midnight and worked very hard to keep each other awake for the drive home... the LONG drive home! I usually have no issue with falling asleep in the navigator seat, but then I heard Jason slapping his face and rolling down the window to stay awake. Yep, that changes things!

All day yesterday was a great Saturday. Wait, if we cancel out Landry's throwing up in the middle of the night and Tripp waking up at 2:30 it's even better than great!! Without grossing everyone out, we'll just say that she didn't wake up during the whole episode, not until I had her in the shower! Poor girl, she seems to have unprompted puking every so often, then she is fine the next morning.

I have to post a picture of Landry and her live baby doll. Check out the look on his face, "Is anybody gonna save me?" Tripp is going to have to be a tough one to make it!

He is now pulling up on most furniture, and the crawling has gotten to an escape-type pace!

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