Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oodles and oodles

Of fun, that is. We had a big time at a birthday party today at GymKats, one of our local gymnastics places. What a great idea: crash pits, trampolines, balls, etc. all for kids and adults! I did a few jumps, few flip attempts, then called it quits to avoid any unfortunate knee incidents.

Tripp is loving to scream right now. He's just experimenting with his voice and using it to get our attention. He's so funny though, sometimes he'll kind of scare himself with the loud screech. Then, he goes into a little bit of a spasm and gets all excited. It's cycle that keeps us entertained, especially Tripp himself!

Jason is gone to New Mexico for an Aggie game. I'm proud to announce that we actually won this afternoon, so that must make the trip a little more worth while. People just don't get his love for Aggie Football! Why would a person drive that far to watch a 3-hour non-conference game that is televised? If you only knew, oh if you only knew!!

Landry had a good kid-ism the other day. We were in Discount Tire waiting longer than necessary for a routine tire rotation. The kids got bored and started having races amongst the tire displays and customers. Jason noticed first and said, "Braden, watch where you're going!" Landry turned around ever so quickly and said, "Daddy, he knows where he's going, we're racing!" DUH!

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