Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nana's Purse

Jason's mom has a purse packed full of entertainment. Landry kept herself occupied when Patti came to see us the other day. She must have at least 20 different lip products, eyeliners, eyeshadow, mirrors, etc. And that's just in the make-up category. She carries her iPod in there too, which Braden snagged up and immediately started his famous air guitar. After a few minutes of shuffling from song to song, he says, "Oh sweet, Johnny Cash!" Then, he started mumbling along to the song about Folsom Prison, shooting a man in Reno, and rolling on to San Antone! Back to the purse, we've found hydrocortisone cream, medicine, gum, money, just all kinds of goodies! Landry continues to make herself into a likeness Bozo the clown as we are somewhat distracted by the visiting and sing-alongs! She's put eyeshadow on as blush and used many different lip glosses, lip liners, and good ol' fashioned lipstick on those beautful lips of hers!

Yesterday was a rough start to the football season, with both the Aggies and the Yellow Jackets losing. Josh (my nephew) proclaimed pre-game to his dad that he was going to put on a show. I didn't go to the game, and I haven't talked to anyone yet, but I do know that we lost. Same story with the Ags. They were playing the underdog of Arkansas State and evidently didn't show up for the second half of play. Jason and Braden were at the game, and even my die-hard husband said it was pretty pitiful.
Landry, Tripp, and I had a trip to Stephenville yesterday while the guys were gone. We actually got to see everyone in a quick afternoon trip. We were thinking of going to watch Josh's game, but it's just not practical with Tripp. He would normally eat at that time, not to mention the can fans and humid weather. It was a good choice in the end because Landry had a sick stomach at bedtime last night. Thank goodness for the Zofran left over from the last bout of vomiting. She slept like a baby and feels fine today, so who knows what that was all about. I've been preaching to her about washing her hands and not putting her fingers in her mouth. It's a nervous habit she has picked up lately, and I knew it wouldn't take long for those school germs to attack.

We're going to hang out today and enjoy the fact that tomorrow is a holiday! Happy Labor Day!

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Sara Graham said...

Oh, that Landry Beth!! I could just eat her up!! I think she's the perfect girl for you! Hey, tell Jason that the Grahams would appreciate some sort of communication (phone call, email, etc.) re: what went wrong at Kyle Field on Saturday. We got NO coverage!! Ugh!