Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cereal Time

Well, he has that new tooth so we thought we'd offer Tripp some food! Rice cereal must be a poor representation of food to a baby that watches his family eat real food all the time, but Tripp really liked it. I made it pretty runny and basically poured it out of the spoon into his mouth!

Doesn't he look so tiny in the high chair?

The big kids are great. It seems that we have had a birthday party almost every weekend this summer! They are excited to start school, although I'm sure the first few days of waking up early will make them very tired. Braden will be in a transitional Kindergarten class, and Landry will be in pre-K. They will get to hang out with Jason before and after school, and of course they will have to commute as well. Jason mentioned how the ride will be so much different this year. Braden is the type that will say maybe 10 words between here and Godley. Landry, on the other hand, has limited moments of silence throughout the day. She constantly asks questions, makes up games, shares her theories on life, etc.! Jason's carpool partner ought to have a blast with it, because she is quite the talker herself.

Oh, by the way- Happy Anniversary to us. 11 years of wedded bliss! We have dinner reservations at Ruffino's (italian) in Ft. Worth, then we plan to go to a jazz club downtown. I think this might be our first "real" date since the Tripper was born. I can't imagine life without Jason! We talked last night that we don't really remember much about our married life without children. I feel like we have an awesome marriage, and I can honestly say that it does not seem like work to me. I hate to hear about people struggling and being constantly unhappy in their marriage. We don't have it all, but we do have it good!!

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Sara Graham said...

who is that tiny boy in such a big high chair? and congrats on the anniversary!