Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And thank you for...

"surviving this food for us, God." Landry has owned pre-meal prayers for us this week. She means to say "providing" this food, but she says surviving! Kids say the sweetest things.

All is well in our world. Tripp is grabbing for everything: watches, hair, phones, whatever is within reach. He can roll over, but he still doesn't do it very often. When he's on his back, he instantly reaches for his toes and plays with them. When he's on his stomach, he either presses up to check out the scenery or lays his head down to suck his thumb. So, the theory is that he is just too content to want to roll over! He's spoiled to me in the evenings, and I miss so much that I hardly put him down! It's just that I remember how fast they grow up, so Iwant to capture every sweet baby moment that I can!

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Jen Sprayberry said...

That is soooo sweet! I love all the great things kids say. Justin and I don't ever correct them- we love hearing it. Wow- Tripp is getting so big.