Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Weekends

I've been living for the weekends lately, and I just soak up the family time like a giant sponge. Jason snuck on my blog and posted about his great summer, and I'm always a bit jealous when they are home together in the summer. This year, we have Tripp and it puts an extra ache in my bones to be away from home! Our general routine is to do family movie night on Fridays; however, last night we went swimming at Mimi's house. Saturdays are made for sleeping in, so that's just what we do. Some of you may already know my definition of sleeping in vs. Jason's. I consider later than 6 a.m. sleeping in; Jason goes for more around the latter part of the 9:00 hour!! We just hang out and drink coffee, lounge, and do a bunch of nothing!

Sundays are great too! We've been going to the later church service, which allows another day of "sleeping in." I'm serious that we haven't been doing much, and that makes the weekends beautiful! The weekdays are a different story with a super-busy work schedule, hence the appreciation of the weekends!
I took some time to download $15 worth of music to my iTunes last night. I had gotten a gift card for my birthday, and my love for music makes that a perfect gift. You may think to yourself "if you love music so much, then why did it take 3 weeks to use the card?" Refer to the work comment in paragraph 2!
I'd like to share a miracle story from work, but of course without violating any confidentiality. We have a patient who has made a truly miraculous recovery. It's one of things where he came in literally on his death bed, with hospice taking only comfort measures to allow him to die peacefully. The man woke up one night when the doctor was in house, and the doctor saw a spark of potential. A slew of measures were taken to give this man another chance, including therapy. I'm proud to announce that he is walking, talking, and thriving. The sweetest part is that he is doing his best to get well enough to go home and take care of his wife. You see, she has Alzheimer's and he was her primary caretaker before he became ill. They've been married 67 years and he is still living for her. I love to see the commitment of this generation to their spouse. They all say generally the same thing, "We made a vow before God, and I'm going to honor that." We have so much to learn from the geriatric population, so I'll consider myself a student at work!!

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Jen Sprayberry said...

I'm so glad I can leave comments now! Great photos. Looks like summer has been fun around your house.