Thursday, August 07, 2014

Summer Vacation

We had a great vacation to Galveston!   We rented a house with our friends,  the Muellers.   Luckily,  we were on a portion of beach that was cleaned daily because the seaweed is very heavy in Galveston.  

Jason and all of the kids built a huge sand castle village that was still standing  when we left to come back home!  Basically,  we spent our time either at the beach or at the pool during the day.  At the beach,  we played frisbee, paddle ball, wiffle ball, badminton,  and catch with the football and baseball. 

We played some board games at night that gave us great laughs.  The kids got free time on their devices (ipad/Kindle/etc), and I had plenty of reading time!

The best part of the trip was that we didn't have anything planned.   There was no rushing around to get here and get there.  We slept in, enjoyed coffee on the porch,  and moved at the pace we wanted.  Some of us took naps, which was quite a treat!  We ate one meal out for fresh seafood,  but otherwise we fixed easy meals at the house.

We stopped to give the kids a quick tour of A&M on the way home.   That place has changed so much, we almost felt like it was a different place!  We both have so many good memories of college though, and it was fun to share some of the stories.   

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