Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homerun and a Highlight

Landry hit a homerun last night in her softball game! She also fielded a groundball that she threw to first, getting the runner out. She is learning and improving every time she takes the field!

A couple of weeks ago, Braden made a triple play in one of his games. He caught a line drive, tagged the runner who left 1st base, then threw out a force at second base! This was an exciting play, something you rarely see, especially in an 8 year-old league.

What amazes me is the different ways the kids reacted to their big plays. Landry is jumping up and down, all smiles, and kind-of doing the girl scream thing! She was literally excited for hours after her game! After Braden's play, he tosses the ball to the pitcher's mound and glove-bumps his coach on the way to the dugout. No celebration, just a little smile and nod. On the way home, we were saying, "Braden, do you realize you made a triple play?" We were definitely more excited than he was!

If you are wondering how Tripp feels about being hauled around to all these ball games, just know he is their biggest fan! He is usually playing with his cars that he totes in a Lightning McQueen backpack, but he does watch the game and cheer them on from the fence. His preschool teacher says he updates her everyday on who had a game the night before and whether or not he got to go play at the park!

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Sara Graham said...

I love your kids! Braden, with his humility, Landry with her excitement, and Tripp with his Lightning McQueen backpack full of cars. Davis once had one of those filled with his cars, too!