Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Green Tooth
If you get close enough to my sweet little smile, you might notice "the green tooth." It's really not the tooth itself that is green, but that is what we say around here.

Growing up in Stephenville, TX, in the 80's was quite a sheltered experience. Those were different times, for example leaving your kids home alone was not given a second thought. This might be the first of many stories of what can happen when you leave your kids home alone!

I was quite the obedient child, and for the most part a strict rule-follower. We were always told to walk our bikes across the street instead of riding them across. I'm still not sure why this was the rule, but I was the obedient child who did what she was told. My brother and I would often ride our bikes into town, and we would spend a good part of the day riding around all over the streets of Stephenville. Honestly, I don't remember how old we were at the time, but I know I was not in junior high yet!

Sidenote: We lived about 2 miles from the city limits, but at least 3 miles from a desirable stop such as a convenience store or city park! Not to mention the fact that we had to ride on the shoulder of Hwy 67, then cross 377 to get into town. Yes, these are US highways, not county roads!

On one of these said trips, I was running my bike across Hwy 281 when the front tire bounced off the median and sprung the handlebars straight up to my mouth. I knew right away that it hurt, but I just kept running across the road. When I got to the other side, I realized I was bleeding. I'll never forget the feeling of my tongue rubbing against my newly shattered tooth. It felt like I had knives or nails hanging down from my gums in place of a tooth.

We realized the tooth was not salvageable after several trips to the dentist. I have an implant that matches the others quite nicely. The problem is with the post that goes up into my gum. I guess it's like a gray metal of some sort, but the appearance when implanted into my natural pink gum is a dingy green. This problem has recently been compounded by my teeth somehow separating slightly. There is the tiniest gap between the fake tooth and my canine, and it constantly looks like I've got black pepper between my teeth! I should probably see about a dentist helping me out with this problem because I think I'm getting a complex just by posting about it!

Take-home lesson: Look both ways before crossing the road, then just ride across like a big-girl!

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