Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Good Try

Braden asked if he could go get Tripp out of his crib this morning. He could hear him over the monitor, so I said he could go ahead and get him. Imagine that I am in the bathroom at this time, straightening my hair. Honestly, I didn't even think about the fact that he didn't come right back. Several minutes later, Braden strolls into the bathroom with a half-wrapped-up poopy diaper in his hand. I was a little shocked to say the least.

"Uh, Braden, did you change Tripp's diaper?" (Herein lies a perfect "here's your sign" joke)
"Well, I got this one off, but I haven't got a new diaper on him yet."
"You didn't have to change his diaper, you could have just called me in there."
"But Momma, it was really stinky! Oh, and Momma, some of the poop got on Tripp's sock."
A lightbulb suddenly goes off in my head...
"Braden, where is Tripp?"
"Oh, he's on the changing table."
"He's ON the changing table? You left him ON the changing table?"

I run super-warp speed to Tripp's room. Only to find him laying still and quiet on his changing table! You must understand that I cannot change this boy without him rolling, twisting, and escaping my every move. But Braden leaves the room with him on the changing table and he just lays there? How does that work?

We got him all cleaned up and had a quick lesson about safety with heights involving a toddler. No harm done! I'm just impressed Braden would even attempt changing a diaper!

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