Saturday, May 30, 2009

City Champs!

You guessed it... The Red Sox won the tournament championship in two extra innings! We had an exciting game against the Astros. Our team started out a little slow, but we got rolling enough to tie them up. We scored 3 runs in the top of the 2nd extra inning. We followed that with 3 up, 3 down- a rare occurrence for T-ballers! Braden had a great game and was excited to get a BIG trophy. He knew from last year that the courtesy trophy was pretty small, so he was happy to see his "real" trophy. Jason actually got one too, as the best assistant coach in the league! Our coaches did do a great job with the boys. They did not yell ugly at them or lose their cool all year, and I think that is worth more than winning the City Championship. (Mom's perspective of course)

I must brag on my Braden for just a little bit! He hit the ball great all tournament. Our saving grace was when Coach Terry talked to him in practice about swinging level. Mom and Dad had said the same things, but it had more weight coming from coach! He had some great stretches at first base, caught one in the air, and just had a good awareness of the game. In game one, the other coach told me I might want to start bringing his birth certificate if he is going to play this good. Last night, the opposing coach asked him for his autograph after the game- he said he'd save it until Braden made it to the big leagues! The summer league coach was at the game last night, and he just bragged about how "Braden's just got it," and how he is just "awesome"!! Okay, I know, I sound like a braggy mom. I promise I don't go around telling everyone how good he is! It's important to me for him to have a good self-worth, but I want him to be humble!

After the game, we went out to eat at Babe's with Nana, Pa-Paw, Papa, and Gram. Landry did the Hokey Pokey, and Tripp was everywhere but his high chair! I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the family coming out to Braden's games. I know it was special to him to have everyone there. Also, his teacher came to the game last night! I'm assuming she lives in Godley, so that was quite a gesture for her and her husband to drive over. They stayed for the entire game and awards ceremony!

Now what? All-Star game is Monday, then Summer league starts.

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