Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good thing they're young...

The kids have no idea that they haven't been able to do much over Spring Break. I suppose they don't know any better, which is good for this year. Jason has been sick since Monday morning, Tripp's ears are giving him fits, and Landry has been fighting allergies too! We're looking at the positive side that it IS spring break and we're not having to miss any work/school for sickness!

Braden started T-ball practice last night. He has the same coach as last year, which is a good thing. Terry is serious enough to make the kids pay attention, but not so competitive that he gets over the top about winning. The team looks comparable to last year, not with the same kids, but the same talent level. If you saw us play last year, you know what that means! Braden is a hoss out there! I know I'm biased because he is mine, but he looks so big compared to the rest of the boys on the team. I can tell a big difference in this year versus last year as far as Braden's maturity level. He actually paid attention to the coach in practice and attended to each task like I would expect.

The big kids gave me a good laugh the other day. They were talking about chickens laying eggs (for whatever reason). Braden said, "But we don't lay eggs." Landry didn't miss a beat, "No, but we do lay babies!" If it were only that easy, my dear!

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