Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Bash

Landry and Tripp shared a birthday party today! We had the classic one-year-old cake for Tripp to handle all to himself, and you can see that he did a good job! They got loads of presents, thanks to all who came!
We decided to use the Jumping Party this year, and it was a great place. I sure enjoyed not having to set-up, clean up, and do all the prep work! Landry got all kinds cowgirl stuff, Barbie accessories, art/craft supplies, stuffed puppies, a Dora blanket, and more! Tripp is sweetly outfitted with new clothes, a pair of real boots, trains, cars, learning toys, and more! Thank you all! Tripp also got a new car seat for his birthday. I am choosing to keep him rear facing for a while longer. If you've ever watched those videos of crash testing with toddler dummies you would agree with me!
has taken some baby steps a couple of different times, but he's not excited about letting go of a hand-hold. He'll walk around all day if you are barely holding his little hand. Once he realizes he is on his own, then he just plops to the ground! Unfortunately, he does have infected ears again. We have him scheduled to get tubes on March 23rd! Poor baby, I understand why he wouldn't want to learn to walk when his ear are always full of fluid and hurting!
Don't you love the look on Tripp's face in this last picture... sure looks like he's got something up his sleeve!

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Sara Graham said...

Admittedly, I am a little emotional today, but I have to tell you this post made me cry. Please promise me you'll remind your kids about us and how much the Grahams love them and miss them. This is the part of being far away that stinks. Because I know if we lived close by, we would have been there. And I would have remembered to send a present! :) I love you!